We get this question a lot: does rooibos tea have caffeine?  Let’s look at some comparisons.  Black has a high amount of caffeine, clocking in as high as 120mg per cup. Coffee tips the scale at as much as 200mg per 8-oz serving. Green tea is a little less hardcore at about 28mg a cup. But hands down, the winner when caffeine intake is a concern is rooibos tea, red tea, at zero caffeine!  

Let’s be clear, though. Red tea isn’t actually a tea. In order for something to be an official tea,it has to come from the Camellia sinensis plant. Red tea comes from a root in South Africa which is a member of the legume family. Yep, rooibos is more closely related to kidney beans, black beans, soy beans, and peas than tea!  But just like actual teas, rooibos tea still has the same cancer fighting properties and antioxidants as green tea. So no caffeine and all the health benefits? Sign me up.

Caffeine, or too much of it, can be a health risk. That’s why swapping out a cup or two of coffee or green tea for red tea is a good idea. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should keep caffeine consumption to under 400mg a day. That may seem like a high number but it is not. If you have a few cups of coffee in the morning, a soda or two during the day, and a cup of green tea in the evening,you’ll quickly reach that limit. This can case negative side effects such as restless sleep. And we all know sleep is a huge part of staying healthy, balancing metabolism, and mental awareness.

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